LDO Code of Practice

The Leaflet Distribution Organisation (LDO) was formed with the specific intention of improving standards, ethics and promoting best practice in the door to door distribution industry. It is mandatory for its Code of Practice outlined here to be followed by all member companies who distribute unaddressed leaflets and magazines. The LDO also continually monitors member companies to ensure ongoing compliance with this code of practice. Leaflet distribution companies who sign up to this code of practice benefit by being able to differentiate their service through a transparent and open commitment to industry best practice. Businesses that employ member companies can rely upon the knowledge that the member company they are using has made a commitment to follow the highest industry standards.

Code of Practice
1. This code relates to the service of door-to-door distribution. Door to door distribution is defined as the hand delivery of unaddressed items such as leaflets, magazines, booklets & directories to both residential and business addresses.
2. A member company must cooperate fully with the LDO with regards to any initial vetting, ongoing compliance or investigative processes that may result from a customer complaint.
3. The content of any members advertising must be representative of the service provided. It must be possible for a member company to prove any claims that it makes in its advertising. Its marketing must not be misleading.
4. Member companies must be able to demonstrate that they have in place both the resources and the systems to undertake work in the coverage areas they advertise.
5. Member companies must always ensure that they make their clients aware of their terms and conditions before entering into any contract.
6. The contract between a member company and its client must always state the quantity of items in the door drop as well as the area(s) and timeframe they are to be dropped. The methods used in the delivery must be made clear (e.g. solus, share plan, newspaper etc). The location of the store where items must be delivered to must be highlighted. The cost breakdown and any payment methods and terms must also be given.
7. Back checking processes must agreed at the time of contract.
8. Back checking results must be able to be provided to clients (ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998).
9. Member companies must have systems in place to ensure that all employees or subcontractors are respectful of homeowner’s properties and always endeavour to push any items completely through the letter box to avoid attracting opportunistic criminal activity.
10. Processes should be in place to ensure that all non-delivery notices on doors are honoured.
11. Members must hold full public liability insurance and contents insurance sufficient enough to cover clients stock.
12. Members are not permitted to declare themselves as members or use the LDO logo if they do not keep up with member fees, have their membership suspended or are expelled from the LDO.
13. It must be accepted by any member of their responsible for ensuring that the code is followed by all employees and subcontractors.
14. Members must never act in a manner which could damage the image of the LDO.
15. Members must include the LDO logo in all commercial correspondence and have the logo displayed on their website with a link to the LDO website.
16. The logo must not be used for promotional products or for any uses other than promoting door-to-door distribution.
17. The organisation has trademark on the organisation logo and the reserves rights to withdraw permission for its use in circumstances it sees inappropriate.
18. It is intended that companies comply with both spirit and the letter of this code.
19. Members must accept any formal written recommendations, disciplinary action or other sanctions applied by the organisation to ensure continuing commitment to the code. The organisation retains the rights to expel any member for breach of the code without refunding any membership fees.
20. A member company must not enter into a contract with any person or company who has criminal convictions for malpractice in the leaflet distribution industry.
21. Members must give a written undertaking to comply with the code prior to membership and on renewal.