Leaflet Distribution Northamptonshire

The Leaflet Distribution Organisation in Northamptonshire

The Leaflet Distribution Organisation (LDO) was instigated with the ambition of establishing best practice for the flyer distribution industry. The organisation has member delivery companies across the whole of the country which includes firms in Northamptonshire that cover the main towns of Brackley, Corby, Kettering, Northampton, Rushden, Towcester and Wellingborough.. Member distribution companies make a commitment to uphold the LDO Code of Practice which clearly lays out our stringent conformance standards. It is routine practice for us to reference all member distribution companies prior to becoming a member and then repeat the process every twelve months thereafter. Complaints from consumers against LDO member firms are always investigated through our official complaint process. The LDO retains the right to take disciplinary action against (and in some cases expel) any firm who does not successfully uphold the LDO Code of Practice.

LDO Member Delivery Firms Who Undertake Leaflet Distribution in Northamptonshire

It is advisable that you use an LDO member business to carry out your leaflet distribution work. The following companies are active member firms who can cover all or part of the Northamptonshire area:

The LDO is currently looking for leaflet distribution companies who are able to cover this area. If you are a leaflet distribution company who would be interested in finding out more about our organisation please contact us online for more details.

How to Avoid 10 Leaflet Delivery Scams!

Find out how to ensure you do not get scammed if your business undertakes leaflet distribution throughout Northamptonshire and in the principal towns of Brackley, Corby, Kettering, Northampton, Rushden, Towcester and Wellingborough.. Member firms of the LDO have agreed to comply with our Code of Practice and are committed to following our ethical standards. Unfortunately, there will be a considerable number of delivery businesses doing business who are not necessarily ethical and it is always important to carry out research into any company you are considering using. The LDO are committed to educating end-users as to many of the unethical practices that are undertaken in the leaflet delivery industry and uncovering some of the most common scams to avoid. If you do your research properly and investigate a company thoroughly it is much more likely you will be successful in avoiding some of the more common pitfalls. To avoid these unethical scams please click on the following link to discover “10 SCAMS TO AVOID”.

Northamptonshire Coverage Area:

Leaflet Distribution Northamptonshire covers the following towns: Leaflet Distribution Brackley, Leaflet Distribution Corby, Leaflet Distribution Kettering, Leaflet Distribution Northampton, Leaflet Distribution Rushden, Leaflet Distribution Towcester and Leaflet Distribution Wellingborough..